What is a specialist plant fair?

2020 will be my 13th year organising Flower Power Fairs.  I never thought I would still be running these events but here we are and still going strong.

It’s always a pleasure to welcome familiar faces to the fairs, whether as a plant specialist, accessory stand or a customer, and I hope that I can encourage those of you who haven’t been to one of the fairs to come and see for yourselves why these small plant fairs are so popular.

Basically Flower Power Fairs brings together enthusiastic plant growers from all over the North of England and introduces them to you, the keen gardener, the beginner, the “looking for  something special” gardener or those of you looking for something unusual, rare, quirky, but above all, good quality, healthy plants.

All the nurseries are invited to attend these events and I have many top award winning nurseries.  Some attend the very top flower shows including Chelsea, Hampton Court and the Harrogate Flower Show so you are assured of only the very best.  I also like to encourage new businesses – small nurseries with passionate plantsmen or women who want to share their love of plants with yourselves.



Where else could you go to get so many wonderful plants to choose from, in an inspirational setting, with friendly nurseries, free garden advice and great refreshments and usually for just the normal admission fee to the gardens?


Small plant fairs introduce you to the people who grow the plants, and please feel free to ask them whatever you wish, they love to be able to help.  And plant fairs give you the opportunity to buy bee and insect friendly plants too.  I can’t stress how important it is for us all to support our bees.  No bees, no food, nothing!  We will starve.  Its that simple.






And at a plant fair you will be able to find all sorts of different plants than the usual ones in  garden centres and retail outlets and I can assure you, they are not imported!  All the plants sold are Northern grown, British grown and so help our local economy.

MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER IS BRING CASH.  Most if not all of the plant nurseries do not have card facilities and usually the venues are not near a town or a bank, so don’t be disappointed.  Cash or cheques still rule at plant fairs.  And to help to stop the overuse of plastic, why not bring your own bags along to the fairs too?

“Although I say it every year that I won’t buy any more plants, I still come!”

“Love coming to the fairs.  It’s getting to the point where I’m having to change the garden around to fit all the plants in! There’s always some unusual plant that I see and just have to have!”

 “You find plants here that you don’t find anywhere else.  It’s like an Aladdin’s Cave.”

The plant nurseries are passionate plants people who are delighted to share their knowledge with you and will give you expert advice on how to get the best out of your new plants.  Just ask them.

“Each fair is so different and we love wandering around the stands.”

“We have completely re-planted our garden and bought all the plants from Flower Power Fairs – brilliant value, helpful advice from your stall holders and its always a great day out.  See you at Sutton Park!”

You will also find many plants not usually available at retail outlets and garden centres and many cottage garden favourites and herbaceous perennials that are no longer sold at these places and of course, at more competitive prices.  90% of all these plants are grown in the UK.  Some of the nurseries carry National Collections, others have a passion for a specific type of plant, but they are all experts in their field and love sharing this knowledge.

“Not just a plant fair … but a great day out visiting a fantastic garden too.”

Entry to most of the fairs includes the gardens and grounds (unless stated otherwise). The fairs are so much cheaper than many of the larger garden shows, but bring you the same quality and diversity. You may also wish to visit the Hall or House (extra admission).

“A great day out. The fairs and the nurseries seem to get better and better.  

“You keep introducing new gardens so we can’t resist coming to see them. “

“Can’t wait to come back next year.”

And the fairs offer you first class catering and an inspirational venue! So come along and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of a Flower Power Plant Fair.

  • Entry varies but all with refreshments on site (compare that to a day out at one of the big flower shows)
  • Personal attention and advice from the grower
  • Plants not normally sold at retail outlets
  • Inspirational venues
  • Free parking
  • Friendly, peaceful gardens to wander through
  • A warm welcome!
  • And hopefully, money left over for another visit to Flower Power Fairs.

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