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My 2017 brochure is now published and is available to download from here.

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One of my plant specialists, The Quiet Corner, sent me a disturbing article about the use of Neonics in the horticultural industry. I have never heard of the word. I imagine many of you haven’t either but I personally find it worrying that these pesticides are used on our plants on a daily basis. This article appeared in the The Organic Way in the Spring/Summer issue 2017 and was written by Judith Conroy. I quote from this article: “I am often asked, “what plants can I grow that are good for bees?” There usually follows a lovely conversation about the fascinating relationships between different insects and their favourite blooms. My questioner will often end with “great, I’ll go and find some of those down at the garden centre.” My heart sinks, as having enthused them, I have to explain why this might not be a good idea …. The fact is that many of the plants for sale in garden centres, supermarkets, farm shops and plant nurseries are treated with a whole range of different chemicals to kill insects, molluscs, fungi and weeds (basically termed pesticides) – but there is no requirement to let the unsuspecting customer know this. For those of us buying plants with bees and other pollinating insects in mind, NEONICOTINOID insecticides (commonly known as Neonics) give particular cause for concern; though their use in agriculture receives prominent media coverage, their continued use in horticulture is seldom discussed. Neonics are used as a drench, meaning that the chemical is taken up by the plant and so is present in all its tissues, including, crucially, the pollen and nectar. Neonics act as neurotoxins, killing insect pests, such as vine weevils and aphids when they eat the plant, but are also proven to be highly toxic to non-target species such as bees who visit them ...


Wynyard Hall, once the home of the Londonderry family, plays host to our first Flower Power Fair in Teeside on Sunday 16 July. The estate was bought by Sir John Hall several years ago and he has literally spent millions on restoring this beautiful house (now a 4* hotel),  creating spa facilities, upgrading the lake, the grounds, the temples and gardens to their former glory.  The latest project was the Walled Garden and well over £2m was spent on the restoration and rebirth of this beautiful place. It is literally overflowing with magnificent roses – spilling out over the paths, climbing up the pagodas, and adorning the old hot walls with colour.  My thanks to Mat Brown for the up-to-date photographs of the gardens, taken on 25 June 2017.  What a riot of colour and scents. When I first visited Wynyard over 4 years ago the Walled Garden looked like this – as seen from the Bell Arch looking towards the Grand Marquee – hardly recognisable now.  The whole area was just laid down to grass with some rather sad looking plants around the outer walls and beyond that, in what is now a thriving Kitchen garden, weeds and debris.  An amazing transformation. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be holding an event here – and I so hope you will support this new venue.  With top quality food and beverages served in the Garden cafe/restaurant, with seating outside, water features and rills, thousands of roses, nepeta and other perennials all around the garden, you won’t be disappointed. We have a great collection of plant nurseries attending this first event including Northern Ark Nursery, Roanne Nurseries, The Quiet Corner, Brambling House Alpines and Salvias, Jurassic Plants, East of Eden, Alchemy Plant Nursery, Through the Garden Gate and Red Dial Nurseries. We also have ...

Welcome to the 2017 Plant Fairs

We start the 2017 season at the wonderful spring gardens of Holme Pierrepont Hall in Nottingham.  Hidden in a secret oasis, just past the International Watersports Centre, Holme Pierrepont is a little gem of a place. The fair will be held on the lawns in front of the Hall and admission includes the fair, gardens and grounds.  Refreshments are served throughout the day.  We open 11am – 4pm. We shall be visiting a beautiful private garden in the Yorkshire Dales next year – Coverham Abbey, not too far from the Yorkshire racing village of Middleham.  Part of the garden has been created within the ruins of the Abbey and I know you’ll all fall in love with both the garden and the location. Old favourites include Newburgh Priory, Lytham Hall, Holker Hall and Sutton Park and next year we shall be visiting Ness Hall gardens (another private garden) in July so you’ll be able to be charmed yet again with this truly breathtaking garden. If you would like up to date information before anyone else, just complete my form and I’ll include you in any newsletters.  Your email addresses are never shared with anyone. If you are a member of a gardening group or club, I’d love to hear from you.  I also give talks about gardens and garden related talks.  Have talk, will travel!   Judy Popley

NESS HALL – Sunday 9 July 2017

    A garden of delights.  This is one of my very favourite gardens (the other being Wollerton Old Hall in Shropshire) and never fails to make me catch my breath. NESS HALL, hidden away in beautiful North Yorkshire countryside, continues to enthral and charm visitors and for those of you who haven’t visited this delightful garden yet … please come!  I promise you won’t be disappointed.     The garden is rarely open to the public and Flower Power Fairs has been lucky enough to hold a fair with the Murray Wells for six years now. For 2017 we shall be showing the gardens in July …. and from what I remember of last year when I visited the family to sort out the dates, it was just a riot of colour and scent.  This garden never even fails to take my breath away … and just one gardener and Harriette, the owner.  Astonishing!  As I write this in November I have absolutely no idea what will be on show, but I can assure you, it will look stunning.  It is a lovely garden, awash with colour and a joy to photograph.  As always we have some wonderful plant stands to offer you.   BRING CASH!  Its a long way to the nearest bank or ATM and these nurseries are small and don’t have credit/debit facilities.         We open 11am-4pm.  Hope to see you there! Admission £3.50 Free parking. No dogs in the garden please but you are welcome to walk them in the car park field. Refreshments served all day Ness Hall, East Ness, Nr Malton YO52 5XD Follow signs for Nunnington Hall and then pick up the Flower Power yellow signs.                       NESS HALL EAST NESS, NORTH YORKSHIRE YO62 5XD

Useful websites for you

  There is a really good FB page called ALL HORTS run by three amazing people and they have recently launched a website giving us all the chance to find these amazing little gems – small, specialist plant nurseries!  The link is below so please have a look. If you know of any plant nurseries that you think might like to get involved – ITS ALL FREE – then tell them to go to this website! Many people want to support independent local nurseries but following various social media conversations and an unfortunate comment on Gardeners World, alluding to all nurseries and garden centres being shut on Easter Sunday it became obvious to 3 horticulturalists that often finding those nurseries was easier said than done. So the 3, Matthew Currie who has put the site together, Sacha Hubbard and Sara Venn began discussing a way to support the businesses and often friends whose nurseries they passionately believe in. Quickly nurserymen from across the country were getting in touch, and asking to be a part of the guide and gardeners young and old were suggesting their favourite local nurseries The guide is very much a work in progress and we hope by releasing it that more and more independent nurseries will come forward and be a part of this extraordinary project that is shining a light on our British horticultural experts and helping gardeners, both new and experienced, to access the wealth of knowledge carried in these nurseries. From Scotland to the Channel Islands there are many nurseries to chose from and so the guide offers not just your local information, but also helps arrange trips further afield. All the work has been done on the guide completely voluntarily and we hope that with this as the ethos behind the Independent Plant Nurseries Guide, that the ...

COVERHAM ABBEY in the Yorkshire Dales – Sunday 30 July 2017

This is another gem of a garden!  Mrs Corner approached me via her friend, Harriette Murray Wells from Ness Hall and asked me to drive over and see whether her garden was suitable for a plant fair.  How lucky am I to have such lovely people who recommend me? The house and gardens form part of the old Coverham Abbey and what a joy they are!  The most gorgeous knot garden created within some of the ruins, and then on the south facing side of the gardens, herbaceous borders, intimate “rooms” and lawns.  Its a delightful garden with little paths leading you off to explore the ruins with interesting planting and plants and I’m quite sure you will all enjoy it.  There is also a small vegetable garden and greenhouse and views across fields and woodland.  A lovely place to spend a day in. COVERHAM ABBEY, Middleham, North Yorkshire DL8 4RN (not too far from The Forbidden Corner).  Home made refreshments served in the old barn. Open 11am – 4pm.  Limited disabled parking.                  

WYNYARD HALL Walled Garden – Sunday 16 July 2017

This amazing hotel was once the home of the Vane Tempest Stuarts, the Marquis of Londonderry, whose vast family estates stretched for acres in the North East all the way to Seaham and Seaham Harbour (created to facilitate the removal of coal from their mines down to Newcastle), to Londonderry House in London and the most amazing gardens of Mount Stewart in Northern Ireland. (see below). Now this magnificent estate is owned by Sir John Hall, ironically the son of a coal miner, who has effectively saved this amazing building, restoring and renovating with such care and dedication and now making it into one of the top hotels in the country.  He embarked on an ambitious plan a few years ago to restore the Walled Gardens – allegedly spending over £2 million – and I’ve had my eye on this estate for at least 8 years!  SO HERE WE ARE!         The plant fair will be held within the magnificently restored and replanted Walled Garden alongside the Visitor Centre.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to be bringing Flower Power here.  I hope you will be as excited as me.     Wynyard Hall Hotel, Stockton-on-Tees, Tees Valley TS22 5NF Sunday 16 July 2017 11.00am – 4.00pm


  DALTON HALL, rarely open to the public, will be opening its gates for the 4th Flower Power Fair on Sunday 2 July.  We had a brilliant plant fair there in 2016  – thankfully the rain stayed off, it was the most glorious summer’s day and the gardens were full of keen customers. I hope you will come along and visit this beautiful estate.  The Walled Garden is changing by the month and the family have exciting plans to make it very much a show stopper for the future. Meanwhile we shall be able to view the wonderful wild flower areas, awash with bees, butterflies and insects and of course, the lawned area will be full of quality plant stands from all corners of Yorkshire and beyond. Katrina Hotham will no doubt be slaving over a very hot cooker again – she makes the most amazing cakes and biscuits and William will be in the car park to greet you all.  A real family affair. We have a full compliment of plant nurseries attending including Simon from Northern Ark Nursery, Ron from Roanne Nursery, Phil from Summerfield Plant Nursery, the lovely Gill selling her Lavender and Pinks, Brambling House Nursery, Liz from Garden Blooms based in Fishlake, Gatekeeper Nursery (famous for their climbers and shrubs), and a new nursery, Fayrefield Horticulture & Landscape together with garden accessory, The Forge.   WE OPEN 11am – 4pm. DON’T FORGET TO BRING CASH TO ALL THE PLANT FAIRS. MOST GROWERS AND SMALL NURSERIES DO NOT USE CARD FACILITIES and some of the venues are not near the old “hole in the wall” so don’t be disappointed, bring real money with you for all the plant fairs. We open from 11am – 4pm and admission is £3.50 (children free) Disabled – please follow signs. NO DOGS in the garden please. DALTON HALL SOUTH DALTON, EAST YORKSHIRE HU17 ...

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